Lecturer who taught anti-vaxxer ‘propaganda’ no longer at U of T

I can't help but feel that the UofT dropped the ball on this one. The university should have publicly denounced her and her beliefs. And as for this quantum mysticism.... well, I had not heard of it before, but that should have been enough on its own to give her the bums rush out the door.  

A spokesperson for the university confirmed on Monday that Landau-Halpern’s course will not be offered this summer or next year, and she is no longer on staff.

The most recent controversy concerning Landau-Halpern began shortly after the investigation.

In late March, about 30 scientists and U of T faculty members wrote a joint letter to university president Meric Gertler, complaining that Landau-Halpern was using quantum physics to “inaccurately explain the alleged effects of alternative healthcare” and thus “undermining the scientific endeavor.”