Upgrades at the Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Let's start with the upgrade: $5M for energy-efficiency and infrastructure upgrades to the Centre. Certainly nice (I've worked in sub-standard buildings before) but really should be just the normal course of business.

The problem? Check out this quote:

This $5 million in new funding builds on the Government’s unprecedented and historic investment in public infrastructure to ensure Canada’s future economic growth for years to come.

To be fair, I have no real idea if the investment in infrastructure is "unprecedented." But when I first read it I read it as an investment in *science* infrastructure. Yeah, probably my problem, but the next paragraph says:

The upgrades will provide long-term cost savings and will help federal scientists conduct important research on sustainable forest management including biological control of forest pests and diseases, forest ecosystems and forest productivity, and forest fire research.

While technically true (a building with a roof on it will certainly help scientists do their research) the release makes it sound like the Feds are investing in science. They aren't. Nothing about new equipment. Nothing about increased operations funding. Nothing about investing in new people. 

This ain't science folks - it's a bribe and a photo-op.