Help wanted (volunteer positions with Speaking Up For Canadian Science)

Are you interested in helping out with the Speaking Up For Canadian Science website/newsletter/Facebook page/Twitter account? I could use you.

I will be helping out a candidate during the upcoming federal election. Like all of us, I have a limited amount of discretionary time and something has to give. Much to my regret, I expect that Speaking Up For Canadian Science will take the brunt of it. I don't want to walk away from this, so I'd like some help.

I'm looking for one or more people who have demonstrated interest and commitment in the collection and dissemination of news and commentary related to Canadian Science. My preference would be someone who can be more-or-less politically neutral (although, in the current situation, an "Anyone But Conservative" attitude is probably more realistic)(note that "politically neutral" does not mean "keeps silent on politics" but instead means "will happily skewer politicians of all stripes if they deserve it"). A modicum of attitude and snark is certainly acceptable and even encouraged.  

While I have a work-flow that I use, I am willing to consider new ideas for all the channels. Think that the website could use a refresh? Tell me about it. Got ideas on how to grow the newsletter and/or Facebook page? I'm all ears. Want to incorporate graphics in the posts? Fill your boots! Want to create more original content? I've got your soapbox.

The position can probably take up as much or as little of your time as you would like. All I can offer is a title (I'm thinking "associate editor" but if you have a jazzier title I'm open to it) and a byline. No money. No groupies. I'll spot you the first round should we share coordinates.

Interested? Drop me a note at