Canadian Space Agency Issues RFP for Space Exploration Topical Teams

Got a hankering to work with CSA to pursue a space-related project? The cash amount is low, but it'll get you started if you are interested.

The formation of Topical Teams is requested for the following nine (9) topics :

1. Cosmology, dark energy (DE) and cosmic microwave background (CMB)
2. Origins, including formation and evolution of galaxies, stars, and planets (including detection and characterization of exoplanets)
3. High energy astrophysics (HEA)
4. Multi-disciplinary approach to health risk mitigation in space
5. Space radiation risk to humans identification, characterization and mitigation
6. Astrobiology (solar system and exoplanets)
7. Planetary Atmospheres
8. Planetary Geology, Geophysics and Prospecting
9. Planetary Space Environment, excluding geospace