Canada Reaffirms Commitment to Conserve and Protect Wild Atlantic Salmon

Nothing really new, but any attempt at any type of conservation by this government has to be appreciated. It's like my dog training teacher said - you have to reward them for doing good.

Of course, that reward does not include re-election. There you have to look at the bulk of their record.

NASCO member countries and their delegations were welcomed into the Happy Valley-Goose Bay community where they had a chance to witness first-hand the important partnership role that the community and Aboriginal organizations play in the management of Atlantic salmon. At the meeting, Canada highlighted the importance of subsistence fisheries and the need to work collaboratively to conserve salmon in the North Atlantic. Federal initiatives that contribute to salmon conservation such as the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program (RFCPP), created to help restore Canada’s recreational fish habitat and the recently created Ministerial Advisory Committee on Atlantic Salmon, were also discussed.