Research into controversial topics hurt by Conservative grant priorities

I'm not sure how much this shrapnel damage, and how much is intentional, but - as noted in the article - if the money is tied to a corporation, then you don't talk about anything that might make the corporation look bad.

At one point universities were supposed to be a bastion of free speech, of open discussion. I'll grant you that universities have themselves become less tolerant of extreme opinions (the ones which nobody likes to hear, but which must be dragged out into the sunlight and exposed for the vile crap that they are), but I think that they have been looking over their shoulder for som etime now.

“They want research that’s going to be marketable, they want research that’s going to, very directly, translate into products – that means corporate,” Mr. Schafer said. “We don’t serve the community, we serve the corporate sponsor and if our research doesn’t please that corporate sponsor we don’t get funded and our research careers are at their end.”