Is this satire? Canada skips important climate conference

Ummmm..... does this sound like the the Conservative party we know?

When asked why this is, representatives from Aglukkaq’s office, as well as that of Greg Rickford, the Minister of Natural Resources, would not answer the question. Are they embarrassed that they spend vast sums sending their employees to conferences to hear about climate catastrophe but are afraid to be seen listening to experts who take a different perspective?

My head is spinning. The implication is that the Conservatives are a bunch of left-leaning tree-huggers who have completely accepted anthropogenic climate change. I.... I just can't process the thought.

Wait - is this satire? It has to be satire, right? There is no other way to read this and be in a world where up is up and not down. It's right there in the masthead "Canada Free Press... because without America there is no freedom" - A free Canadian press has to slavishly follow the US. The only way that that works is if someone is totally blind to irony. 

Please tell me this is satire.