Editorial: Base pot laws on solid science

She should channel her outrage into working toward more sensible laws that decriminalize the use of marijuana. Too many police resources, too much court time and too much public money have gone into enforcing marijuana laws that make criminals out of people who are usually doing no harm, at least not to anyone but themselves.

Of course, that concept is anathema to our current political lords and masters. After all, facts are whatever the ruling political party wants them to be - or so it seems.

The part that gets me the most is where Ms. Ambrose says that judges, not doctors “have decided something is medicine.” Y'see, as the Minister of Health, Ms. Ambrose (and her predecessors of course) have had all sorts of time to commission real, honest-to-goodness scientific studies on the harm and medicinal value - or lack thereof - of marijuana and other drugs. But they have declined to do so, leaving it to vested interests to make unverified assertions. 

Really - the judges are as close as we've gotten so far.

So - Ms. Ambrose - if you really *are* concerned about what is and isn't medicine, use your position to commission scientific studies (does it need to be added: "unbiased") on the subject. Seriously - lets inject some facts into the discussion.

I mean, other than the ones that your party makes up on the spot.