BC scientist's careers ruined, BC gov't malice covered up.

This is an outrageous situation. 8 BC gov't researchers fired, no reasons given but the gov't claimed there was a police investigation that, quite simply, didn't exist. One of the researchers committed suicide.

Yes, the gov't settled out of court, but there has been no *real* investigation into how decisions were made and who was responsible. Yes, there was an investigation of sorts, but the investigators could not compel testimony so it was not able to answer any of the major questions before it.

So - malice? Given that the highest levels of the BC gov't repeatedly lied abut the situation, I can only assume that there was some malice somewhere. After all, mistakes can be fixed. They weren't. 

Are you outraged? I am.

Now the premier has made a shocking admission: it wasn’t a mistake at all. Her government knew full well there was no police investigation. Worse still, they were so embarrassed by their bogus claim they stonewalled the RCMP for more than a year. Even as Clark’s ministers stood in front of the cameras repeatedly to tell the world that MacIsaac and seven other researchers were the subject of a police investigation, they knew it was not true.