Canadian scientists urged to speak out against unscientific 'evidence'

It's hard to argue with this really, but some people do. I personally think that there is nobody better to comment on a topic than someone who has studied the topic and become a world expert. Use caveats etc, and for goodness' sake make sure you look at - and weigh - the issues outside the science. But once you have a well informed opinion, share it. You're a scientist - be open to other ideas, and be willing to modify your stance if new information is presented, but still - say something!

After all, if you don't, then people who do not know (or care about) the facts will say something. And they will carry the day.

“The research community is an essential part of an open society that values truth and ideas over interests and preferences,” says Damien Contandriopoulos, an associate professor in nursing and researcher at the Public Health Research Institute at the University of Montreal. “The time is now for researchers to get involved in the public debate. It is absolutely central.”