UVictoria students win prize to establishes satellite ground station

This is a very exciting competition which encourages teams of university students to design a space mission. UVic should be very proud of these students. The best part os that this is infrastructure that can be used by future students, leaving a legacy for further excellence.

The prize to the UVic ECOSat team will help them acquire the necessary hardware to establish a ground station for communicating with orbiting university and amateur satellites. The ultimate goal of the CSDC is to eventually launch winning satellites into orbit to conduct their science missions.

The UVic team, made up of graduate and undergraduate students, designed their satellite with an experiment to investigate a material called pyrolytic graphite, a diamagnetic material which is repelled from both north and south magnetic fields. By heating the material it’s possible to create an unbalanced magnetic force that can be affected by the Earth’s magnetic field. The experiment will determine if this effect can be used to control the orientation of the satellite while in orbit.