GMOs, dissent, and censorship

Okay - I will admit that I am neither unreservedly for nor against GMOs. But I get skeptical when I see an unreservedly negative article about GMOs, and I am fully aware of the ways that truth can be twisted.

So, what claims in this article are valid, which ones are false, and which ones have been twisted? I don't know enough to sift through the truth. Thoughts?

One other major source of dissent was a Royal Society of Canada expert panel, a group of 14 credentialed scientists Health Canada called upon in 2001 to assess the country’s food biotechnology regulations.

Before the panel finally declared it “scientifically unjustifiable” to presume GM foods were safe, Health Canada had already stopped cooperating with it. Though some observers predicted that government would be hard pressed to ignore the panel’s report, Ottawa did just that.