UBC Okanagan Engineering student is finalist at Miss World Canada event

I'm of two minds about this but, in the end, it comes down to the fact that this is obviously a well thought out decision made by an intelligent and self-motivated person. So I will just sit back and see what effect, if any, it has.

I'm actually encouraged that the article does not have an accompanying picture however. Not sure if that was an intentional decision, but its still good.

Vehabovic is quick to point out that Miss World Canada is not a beauty contest. It’s a major fundraiser for Variety Club, in which contestants focus on humanitarianism or philanthropy, with the goal of inspiring hope and enriching the lives of children. Her goal is to introduce young girls into the academic world of applied science. Vehabovic feels that too many females shy away from careers in sciences or aren’t encouraged towards science-based programs.

“I want young girls to know that you can like things like pretty hair and makeup and be wonderfully female and at the same time you can be good at math, sciences, and engineering,” she says. “Engineering needs a female’s perspective. It’s a science that is all around us and women haven’t had much of an influence.”