Archeologists dig up 19th century ship in Toronto - but it won't be saved

This excites and bugs me. If the discovery is truly "significant," and the owners of the space are truly "proud," then the fed, province, and developers need to find a way to preserve the find. Geeze - think of the attraction that the ship and artifacts could be sitting in e.g. the lobby of the building.

But as significant as the find may be, Mr. Robertson said it likely won’t be preserved.

Similar discoveries in the past – including a late-19th century ship when they were building the SkyDome, and an early 20th century boat from when the Air Canada Centre was under construction – were not saved.

“It’s a very difficult process and a very expensive process,” he said. “Just to get these things out of the ground takes massive effort. … Right now in Toronto, there’s certainly no one of the capability of doing it.”