A reply to Full of Shit (sorry, Friends of Science) shill

In response to my earlier post on The Advertising council of Canada finding that the Orwellian named Friends of science were, to use the vernacular, full of shit, a FoS shill commented:

To deny that the sun is the main driver of the earth's climate is patently absurd. Unieversal (sic) human experience of night and day, seasons, sunny days versus cloudy days is incontrovertible.
In regards to climate change the focus on CO2 as the predominant cause of climate change is myopic when we consider the myriad variables which affect our climate, some which we likely are not even currently aware of. To write off the sun's influence when we know so little about it is foolhardy.

I was going to reply in the comments, but I think I'll do it here instead.

Dear Warren (that was the name associated with the comment - ed),

Your comment brings to mind my chief concern with the climate change denier movement. I know you're not going to be swayed but I need to get this off my chest.

In short - your ego betrays your lack of knowledge.

You see, the thousands of climate scientists - you know, people who have intensive training in the area and who have devoted their adult lives to studying the area - are quite aware that the sun exists. Every morning (cloud cover permitting) it's right up there in the sky - the big yellow hot thing. They know it exists.

And the funny thing is, the idea that the sun might have some effect on climate is not exactly a new one. And what is truly cool is that people have been studying the sun for a long long time. Intensive study of sun spots goes back to the 17th century, while the solar flux has been measured (right here in Canada)  since 1946. Oh, and need we mention the dozens of solar telescopes that have exists over the last few centuries? 

So, you see, the sun has been intensively studied over hundreds of years (since long before climate change has intensified) and people have taken that knowledge and looked into the effect in may or may not have on climate change - a quick google scholar search returns more than a million results, but that probably inflates the true number of articles.

And as a result of this those same climate scientists have come to the conclusion that man-made factors are the chief culprit in the most recent surge in temperatures world-wide.

But, you say (its right up there in your comment) there are "myriad variables which affect our climate,". Well, I'm not entirely sure about myriad, but I take your pint - there are a lot of things happening in the atmosphere and oceans,. But you see, those thousands of people who have devoted their entire adult life to understanding climate, they know that too. Hell, it's what keeps them busy at night and on weekends as they work overtime on their studies. And you know what? They go out looking for these things, and then they try to understand their effects.

And that is why our knowledge of climate change in constantly improving. But you know what? Despite all these studies, the same dominant theme stays true - that it is the man-made influences that are driving the current surge in temperatures. details may change, but the story as whole remains the same. 

And the argument "well, we don't understand everything so their explanations - no matter how well backed up by fact and theory - must be wrong" just doesn't fly. Look at the trend my friend - the more we learn, the more we realize how much of the basic story stays the same.

So what I am trying to say here, in a nutshell, is - you aren't smarter than the thousands of highly trained and devoted climate scientists out there. Hell, *I'm* highly trained and experienced in another area of science, but I don't claim that that training and knowledge makes me competent to call these other folks liars or even simply wrong. Just like they don't know my area enough to dispute me. 

That is kind of why we have people like these folks. So that they have the knowledge and training required to understand a very complex question and to move our knowledge forward. 

So, unless you can prove to me that you understand *all* aspects associated with climate change, that you have solid proof against the findings of these thousands of experts, and that you have another explanation that they have not looked at and disproven, well..... then I have no reason to give your opinion any shred of credence. I'll give the thousands of highly trained and experienced folks the benefit of the doubt every day.

Face it dude - you're just not as smart as you think you are. Check out the Dunning-Kruger effect.