Panel Says Canada Should Bury Nuclear Waste Near Lake Huron

This was "news" a couple of weeks back, but this article is worth reading because it discusses some of the more relevant technical aspects. Bottom line: location was chosen so close to the lake because they owned the land and everyone else said NIMBY, but if a decision is made based on the basis of science (as represented in this article) instead of fear, the project would go ahead. 'Course, I'd like to hear the science on the other side.

Groundwater in this deep geologic formation is stagnant, salty and denser than overlying waters. These formation waters don’t move at all, and cannot move upwards into aquifers and the Lake. If water does move, it takes over 30,000 years to move an inch (K = 0.000000000001 cm/sec). That’s why the water in this formation is over a million years old. So if something does leak, it’s not going anywhere.