Advertising Standards Canada agrees Friends of Science are Full of Shit

It really doesn't get much better as a decision, but sadly the ASC has no teeth. I expect a legal challenge and that the FoS will just get more money for their lies and distortions. 

In March the ASC found that the ad violated clauses 1(b), (e) — which deals with accuracy and clarity — and 8 –which deals with professional or scientific claims — of the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards.

“After careful consideration, Council found that the categorical and unequivocal claims made in both advertisements could not be supported by the preponderance of current evidence on the matters in dispute,” the council wrote in their decision. “In addition, Council found in the case of the advertisement that claimed ‘The sun is the main driver…’, that it omitted relevant information, namely that a number of factors have led to climate change, of which the sun is just one.”