Obit: George Hobson, Polar Shelf director had the Arctic in his blood

The man left a legacy that most of us can only aspire to. Not only has the Polar Continental Shelf Project been an invaluable resource for understanding and operating in the Arctic, but his efforts at outreach in the Arctic are a model for how to work with communities and help to involve them in science.  

“George cared passionately about mentoring young scientists and supporting science in the north, and involved northerners as best he could in that,” said Michael Schmidt, whose job with the Geological Survey of Canada often led him to work closely with Hobson.

Hobson consulted communities and explained what they were doing and what they learned, “and as a result he built up a group of contacts in most if not all communities in the Arctic, because he really made a point of reaching out to northerners. A lot of scientists don’t have that background, don’t know how to talk to. But George really made an effort in that.”