Canada’s War on “Inconvenient Science”

An interesting essay, and it makes some good points. I'm not convinced that scientists are not fighting back though. There is an investigation into the the muzzling of gov't scientists, and I know for a fact that there are multiple efforts ongoing to make science an election issue. But the question still remains: short of resorting to violence or other illegal activities (which - let's be clear - I am NOT advocating), what else can scientists do to fight back? 

But “war” on science? There’s no war unless both sides are fighting. Remarkably, science is not fighting back. Instead, we complain about and protest the aggressive destruction of science the government believes is inconvenient to its interests. We took to the streets wearing white lab coats, wrote open letters to politicians, spoke on TV and radio, and reacted on social media. It didn’t work. We can’t fire or muzzle politicians, and we can’t unilaterally take away their funding. So how can science defend itself when it has no power, authority, or even inclination to retaliate in kind?