Fossils fill evolutionary gap between fish and 4-legged beasts

Do you think this might be enough to get the creationists to stop braying about supposed gaps in the fossil record disproving evolution? 

Me neither. But this is so very cool anyhow.

Tetrapods, named for their four limbs, are fish-like amphibians that made the transition from the sea to the land about 370 million years ago. A 30-million-year gap in the fossil record of tetrapod evolution has puzzled scientists since the 1950s, says Jason Anderson, associate professor of veterinary anatomy at the University of Calgary.

But tetrapod fossils found at Blue Beach, located on the Avon River estuary on the Bay of Fundy near Wolfville, N.S., suggest the gap may have been an illusion. The findings were published in a new paper published in PLOS ONE by Anderson and Canadian and British colleagues.