G7 Science Academies call on their gov't for action in 3 areas - will gov't listen?

The CDN gov't has not been very receptive to science lately, so I have no high hopes. Nonetheless, there may be a chance for action on at least two of the three topics.

“Every year, the national academies of the G7 countries meet to prepare statements on the main themes identified by the host country for the meeting of political leaders.” said Graham Bell, President of The Royal Society of Canada. “These statements are brief, authoritative documents that aim to contribute to the formulation of policy by providing the best available advice to the G7 leaders. The Royal Society of Canada has participated fully in this process and we are proud to endorse these important statements on neglected tropical diseases, antibiotic resistance, and the future of the oceans. All of them have Canadian dimensions that we shall explore in the coming year.”