Shigella threat: Drug-resistant 'superbug' making inroads in Canada

Antibiotic resistant bugs scare me. A lot. I - like I am sure also - have had to be treated with antibiotics on more than one occasion. I shudder to consider what shape I would be in if those antibiotics were not available.


maybe we need to look at some more medieval remedies?

Like E. coli, shigella emits a toxin that kills and damages intestinal tissue, sometimes leading to complications such as intestinal perforations and sepsis. But what makes Shigella different is that it should always be treated with antibiotics, says Dr. Allen.

”With other bacteria like salmonella for example, you can let it go and run its course. But all the guidelines suggest you treat shigella because it’s so much more severe,” she said.

That’s what makes the issue of antibiotic-resistance in shigella so concerning, she says.