Love for dolphins leads to national science prize for Gr. 2 Guelph girl

This is a very cute story about a young lady who has the potential to help change the world. Let's hope that the educational system does not crush her creativity and love for science.

“You know how starfish have a serum that allows them to re-grow their limbs if they lose one? I thought ‘why not get some of that serum and use it on dolphins and people?’” the precocious seven-year-old said, in describing her idea.

”I just thought the same thing could help other things,” she said during a visit to her home on Guelph’s east side.

While Emilie’s idea might not be that easy scientifically speaking, just coming up with the concept made Sorbara-Fletcher one of just 10 winners nationally and three in Ontario out of the thousands that entered the Scholastic Canada contest, said her mom Jennifer Sorbara.