The Great Arctic Thaw Is Seriously Worrying Archaeologists

I honestly hadn't thought of climate change in this context but now that its brought up it seems obvious. Just another unintended and unexpected ramification. 

“For us archaeologists it’s incredible because organic artifacts tended to be perfectly preserved and in a lot cases they’ve literally been frozen since the sites were abandoned, until we dig them up,” said Dr. Max Friesen, a professor and arctic archeologist at the University of Toronto. “Most of my colleagues working almost anywhere else in the world don’t have a hope of getting this kind of stuff.”

But with global climates heating up, the Arctic’s active layer extends deeper every summer, and one of the largest contributing factors to the destruction of arctic sites is thawing permafrost. This great thaw is leaving organic artifacts to rot—or, in some cases, wash into the ocean—forcing arctic archaeologists to survey and excavate the most important sites before they’re gone.