Will North Bay Become a Canadian Spaceport?

i missed this when it came out. Probably pipe dreams, but I have to admit that they have done more work in North Bay than I was aware of. You go - to infinity and beyond (TM)!  :^)

The second phase, slated for later this year, will see more test flights but this time with a fully equipped scale model of the SOAR suborbital shuttle and will include drop tests.

Following these tests S3 plans to launch a separate Zero Gravity service with flights in North Bay and other locations globally in 2016. According to S3 the “ZeroG flights make it possible to experience true weightlessness, allowing bodies and materials to float free of the earth’s gravitational pull. The S3 parabolic flights are completely safe, and supervised by space professionals and a crew of qualified personnel. All flights last less than 2 hours, during which 15 parabolas are performed, each providing an experience of weightlessness for 20 to 25 seconds.”