Budget Balanced on Dangerously Underfunded Public Programs: PIPSC

There was a time when I would blow off complaining by the unions as simply being part of their job to try to grow the area they are interested in. But now I think we really need to listen to these guys. PS science is disappearing, is being hidden, and is being ignored except when it fits into a preconceived political narrative. 

We really do need to listen to  - and act on - what these guys are saying.

“Cuts to federal science programs and services and the loss of over 7,500 jobs from science-based departments over the last three years alone mean Canadians now face a severe public science deficit,” she added. “That’s a deficit that must be ‘rebalanced’ before the full consequences of climate change, massive growth in the transportation of oil and gas, and over-reliance on industry self-regulation for food and other product safety leads to even worse human and ecological tragedies than those experienced in recent years.”