How a Toronto professor’s research revolutionized artificial intelligence

Being head-hunted by Google at 67 - I'm seriously impressed. The best part - it sounds like he having a great time!

In 2006, Hinton made a breakthrough. In quick succession, neural networks, rebranded as “deep learning,” began beating traditional AI in every critical task: recognizing speech, characterizing images, generating natural, readable sentences. Google, Facebook, Microsoft and nearly every other technology giant have embarked on a deep learning gold rush, competing for the world’s tiny clutch of experts. Deep learning startups, seeded by hundreds of millions in venture capital, are mushrooming.

Hinton now spends three-quarters of his time at Google and the rest at U of T. Machine learning theories he always knew would work are not only being validated but are finding their way into applications used by millions. At 67, when he might be winding down a long and distinguished career, he is just now entering its most exciting phase.