Env Canada changes way it maps Arctic sea ice, confusion reigns, accusations follow

Okay - so they change the way sea ice is calculated. Got it. If you compare last years method with this years it looks like sea ice is increasing, but if you compare apples-to-apples, you see that its really isn't. But this map apparently only shows data up to 2010 (WTF?) when minimum ice levels were apparently reached in 2012. 

Don tinfoil hats and flame retardant suits as required.

“We decided to provide a median over 30 years so we could compare actual conditions, as opposed to just what is represented by the permanent polar cap coverage,” Dubé said.

In a way, the previous representation of only the polar ice was “more fictitious,” he said, because that level of ice coverage — effectively a “minimum of minimums” — would not be seen year to year.