Canadians baulk at reforms to health-research agency

Change is hard, and that itself may be part of the problem. But it sounds like there are valid concerns also. The cross-disciplinary aspect worries me most. It's not that I have an issue with the concept (although the cynical side of me sometimes worries that its an overhyped buzzword). I worry instead that you can't just tell people "break out of your stovepipes or else." If this is one of the goals for the CIHR then it needs to provide tools to to help researchers break out.

Beaudet says that the plans have been in place for some time, but many researchers — particularly those on the institutes’ scientific advisory boards — complain that the CIHR has failed to communicate the changes adequately, and that the number of simultaneous reforms is overwhelming.

Perhaps there needs to be an advisory council that acts as a "matchmaker" for different researchers so that they can connect. Perhaps an easily searchable website that contains all the proposals from researchers over, say, the past 10 years (or abbreviated versions if idea-poaching is a worry) - both successful and non - from all the research councils. This might allow researchers (both new and experienced) to find possible collaborators. Hell, a Tinder-type app, but instead of pictures it includes a 200 word synopsis of research ideas so that people can browse through them when they are bored (e.g. at a staff meeting, on transit, etc).

Hell - I like that app idea. Might have to look into whether the data to fill it might be available easily....