2nd scientist resigns over lack of female nominations in hall of fame

I'm filled with mixed emotions, but mostly happy that these women are bringing these issues to the fore. I am glad that the committee had women representatives, and I hate to see them leave, but if they are not able to make an impact then their participation becomes little more than window dressing. So bravo to these women for taking a stand.

I wonder if any of the men on the committee will take a similar stand? After all, this is a male problem - women suffer, but a male dominated culture is the problem.

Illes, a professor of neurology at the University of British Columbia, called for more direct efforts to solicit nominations of female candidates after men swept the ballot during the 2013-14 nomination period. When the result was duplicated for 2014-15, Illes stepped down to voice her objections to what she felt was a flawed process.
Anderson, a member of UBC’s faculty of medicine, followed suit days later.