Protests Halt Construction Of Telescope Atop Hawaiian Volcano

Canada finally commits, and the next thing in the media is this.

Before anybody gets knickers in too much of a knot we need to remember that not everyone in Hawaii agrees with the protestors, and not even all *native* Hawaiians agree. These protests have been going on since day 1 on the mountain and - to be fair - the initial practices were perhaps not as respectful as they could have been. The folks on the mountain try to be very respectful and are getting better every day.

Listen to the protestors, respect their views, and try to address their concerns as best you can.

While Native Hawaiians say the land on Mauna Kea is sacred, astronomers consider it an ideal location for an instrument intended to look into the farthest reaches and the earliest times of the universe.

”We know how sacred Mauna Kea is and also how significant the mountain is for scientific research,” the governor’s chief of staff Mike McCartney said in a statement. “The governor deeply appreciates the importance of this issue to all of Hawaii and understands the concerns being expressed by our community.”