Who are the anti-vaxxers in Canada? Might not be who you think

Surprisingly well edi=ucated they are. Well, I am actually more distressed than surprised. I personally know one person with a Ph.D. who does not vaccinate, but she suffered a sever allergic reactioon when she was a kid so I can't really fault her concern. Still, the fact that these educated people are overwhelmingly (80%) unwilling to change their minds given the recent measles outbreak just illustrates that there is a highly emotional aspect to their views.

To be fair, I get pretty emotional about it also, but I am willing to alter my views if given approproate and scientifically rigorous evidence.

Based on polling 1,013 Canadian parents with unvaccinated kids, the pollsters learned that:

- 40 per cent come from households with over $100,000 in income
- 38 per cent hold a university degree while 66 per cent have completed post-secondary education
- 65 per cent cite health reasons for not vaccinating
- 19 per cent say religious reasons are what make them refuse vaccines
- Another seven per cent said philosophical reasons stood in the way of vaccination