Canadian Ebola vaccine being tested in 3 West African studies

Exciting news, but I'm really kind of confused about the methodology. I mean, given the disease its not like you can infect people deliberately, but is the prevalence of ebola in these countries high enough, and the number of volunteers large enough, to show statistically significant results? I guess they must be or else no-one would waste their money with the test. I look forward to the results euther way.

The World Health Organization and several partners announced Thursday they will start testing the vaccine in Guinea in a trial designed to prove whether it is effective. The trial will begin Saturday.

Later this month, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control expects to launch a trial of the vaccine — now licensed to biotech company NewLink Genetics and pharmaceutical giant Merck — in Sierra Leone.

In Liberia, the U.S. National Institutes of Health has begun to test two experimental Ebola vaccines against a placebo in a large randomized controlled trial. The Liberian trial is studying the NewLink-Merck vaccine as well as one designed at the NIH that is being developed by GSK.