Justification for changes to the Navigable Waters Protection Act doesn't hold water

Wow. I did not appreciate this change. Did you? Read the article to see the full impact and to appreciate the false logic behind the Conservatives "need" to create the NPA.

Six months prior to the changes to the NWPA, the government had transformed the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act as part of omnibus bill C-38. It was in this legislation that environmental protection was altered. Pre-2012, any proposed construction on a water body covered by the NWPA would trigger an environmental assessment. Under the new legislation, assessment only occurs if the type of construction is listed on the “designated projects list” (http://laws.justice.gc.ca/PDF/SOR-2012-147.pdf). This means that what Canadians thought were thousands of lakes and rivers covered by the NWPA, were in fact only covered if the type of construction was on the “list”. As such, changes to the CEAA had already removed what many might consider environmental ‘protection’. It was arguably these changes that resulted in the sweeping loss of environmental oversight in Canada, six months prior to the NWPA being re-written as the NPA.