Genome Canada to create ‘innovation network’ of 10 research centres

Nice to see that the network is being expanded, and that there is a direct intent to avoid silos. Screw the scientific politics - lets see some good science folks!

On Tuesday, Genome Canada is expected to announce it will spend $15.5-million over the next two years to jump-start the creation of what it calls an “innovation network” by doling out funds to 10 research centres across the country. Matching funds from other public and private sources will bring the initial investment in the network to $31-million. In addition, the centres will compete with one another to divide a $15-million pot earmarked for technology development.

The funding replaces an earlier five-centre model and puts more emphasis on collaboration between centres to avoid building up “silos that cannot talk to each other,” said Genome Canada president Pierre Meulien.