Carbon dating of elephant ivory tusks leads to conviction of Toronto-based company

I was all excited about this - less for the science and more for the fact that some a--holes were nailed for trafficing in endangered species parts - and then I saw the penalty. Slap on the wrist at best. Seriously - if this is all the punishment that these.... words fail me.... get then we might as well round up all the endangered speices in Africa and auction them off to the highest bidder. The results will be the same in the end.

I'm disgusted. Can you tell?

In November 2013, Environment Canada enforcement officers learned that two carved elephant ivory tusks—measuring 78 cm and weighing 1.7 kg each—were being offered for sale by a Toronto-based auction house, which claimed the tusks were “antique”. Acting on legal authority, officers temporarily detained the tusks and, using radiocarbon dating technology, both were analyzed by experts at Université Laval and Columbia University. The forensic report revealed that the tusks were from animals killed in 1977 and 1978. While this age may qualify as “antique” in the auction house world, a person who is knowingly in possession of elephant ivory for the purpose of offering it for sale is in contravention of WAPPRIITA, unless they can establish that the animal was taken from the wild before July 3, 1975, or that the elephant ivory was legally imported into Canada.