First Nation rejects DFO science due to gov't-industry ties

Okay folks - this is what happens when a scientific and regulatory entity gets too cosy with the folks it is supposed to regulate.

“We don’t trust the DFO [Department of Fisheries and Oceans] science.” said Carrie Humchitt, the first nation’s legal adviser. “It’s very industry driven.”

I honestly don't know who is in the right here but that is (almost) beside the point. Even the appearance of a bias is enough to have people reject what the gov't says.


Now (*dons tinfoil hat*) this may actually be intentional on the part of the gov't. Check out this quote:

Greg Thomas, the chair of the Herring Industry Advisory Board, says there are plenty of fish and if there is a Heiltsuk blockade, he expects police to intervene, but adds that the board prefers to negotiate an agreement.

So, lessee - link environmental activists with terrorists, introduce draconian police-state-type bill, provoke First Nations with tainted science and decisions, use resulting actions to call in police, and use ensuing ruckus to justify said police-state-type powers.

It's horrible that such a cynical thought even occurs to me.