The Oldest Old are changing Canada

The "oldest old" are 85+. I hope to join their ranks!

Mr. Légaré, a specialist in the study of population ageing, and his team have collated the most recent studies showing that “oldest old” Canadians are on track to occupy an increasingly important place in the population. “We need to distinguish these “over 85s” from today’s ‘over 65s’, because they will have distinct characteristics in terms of education, socio-economic status and state of health”, he says. In the years to come, this new demographic category will begin to include the baby-boomers, who will bring with them a new set of social issues. “They are more highly educated, wealthier and in better health, as a group, than those who are currently the oldest people in Canada, and they will need new kinds of services”, points out Yann Décarie, searcher at the National Institute of Scientific Research, the report’s second author.