The troubling psychology behind how we decide who’s a scientific “expert”

SO how do we bridge a divide when everyone thinks that they have the one true answer and that everyone on the othre side is either corrupt or fools?

I honestly don't have the answer. I'm, in fact, part of the problem. While I am willing to sit down and talk to people who are open to open-minded discussions, when I come across a "true believer" my mind just shuts down and I get pissed off.

I probably have to work on that.

On the one hand, a large bulk of climate scientists accept the idea that humans are causing global warming — and a large bulk of predominantly liberal and centrist people agree with them and think they’re the real, credible “experts.” On the other hand, a smaller minority of scientists that includes Soon — often allied with politically conservative think tanks — disagree. But plenty of (predominantly conservative) people think that members of this smaller group are the real “experts” — the Galileos, as they might put it, bravely standing up to an oppressive scientific majority.