Evidence shows Sex crime prevention program works, naturally cut by Ottawa

Federal gov't spend $7.5M to study the program, finds it works and has a strong return on investment, so natually "The Harper Government" cuts it. It's almost as if they want crime to increase so they can keep the population panicked and scared.

Naw - they couldn't be that vile, could they?

The looming closures come on the heels of a $7.5-million, five-year project by the National Crime Prevention Centre, funded by Public Safety Canada, showing the support program leads to dramatic reduction in repeat sex crimes. The capacity-building and evaluation project also found that for every dollar invested in the program, it saves $4.60.

Susan Love, who runs the program in Ottawa, is baffled by the decision to cut funds just as a study shows it to be successful and cost-effective.

”It’s crazy, actually. It’s like the left hand isn’t talking to the right hand,” she told CBC News. “It’s like this five-year study that was just done was irrelevant. Why invest the time and the money?”