Canada's ST&I Strategy Creating Jobs and Opportunities, Says Minister of State

Not that he, y'know, provides and actual evidence for the created jobs - like numbers, positions, and how the gov'ts actions are actually creating the positions.

Oh - nor does it address whether this is a "net" increase that takes into account the scientists, engineers and technicians that were laid off from government over the last few years.

The Minister of State also highlighted several of the government’s commitments to position Canada as a global leader through the three pillars of the ST&I strategy-people, knowledge and innovation. Under the first pillar, he indicated that the government will continue to develop, attract and retain the most talented researchers in the world while quadrupling investment to inspire young Canadians to develop a passion for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Under the second pillar, he highlighted the government’s new Canada First Research Excellence Fund, a legacy $1.5-billion investment to move Canadian university and college research from world-class to world-leading. Under the third pillar, he stressed the importance of supporting partnerships between Canadian businesses, universities and colleges to accelerate business opportunities and build on a number of actions that the government has already taken, including strengthening Canada’s entrepreneurial culture, improving support for business and increasing the availability of venture capital.