Studying in Canada: Bahamian Scholars Blaze Innovative Career Trails

I was happy to read this. I sometimes get so caught up on all the negative aspects to what is happening in Canada that I forget what we do have. Bugt maybe that is why I have to try hard to keep Canadian science alive.

Graduate Scholar Nicola Smith is equally enthusiastic about the support she’s received from the Foundation. Smith is pursuing her Ph.D. in Marine Biology at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. Smith’s inquisitive nature, outstanding academics accomplishments and appreciation for nature made marine biology a perfect career fit.

Smith is certain that she wants to return to The Bahamas upon graduation in 2017 and contribute to nation-building by helping to foster a culture of science where citizens make informed, evidence-based decisions about the environment. She believes that she will be able to use the knowledge and skills that she has acquired to teach at the tertiary level or act as an environmental consultant in the private or public sector.