Gov't cash to help increase interest in STEM careers

I can get behind the idea of my tax money being used for this sort of thing

This year, Minister Holder announced $3.6 million in PromoScience support to 66 recipients engaging over a million young Canadians. Furthermore, the government will be increasing its support for science promotion activities to $10.9 million per year.

Under the PromoScience program, Ms. Truppe announced support for three London-based groups that are receiving funding from the PromoScience program. Locally, Western University will receive support for two projects: Impact Earth, an introduction to how meteorites and fireballs shape the Earth; Discovery Western, meanwhile, will encourage girls and young women to consider careers in engineering. Another London-based group, Let’s Talk Science, will receive support to develop science programming on a national scale for space exploration activities, while Ottawa-based Actua, will use its funding to expand programming for Aboriginal youth, camps and clubs for girls, and youth facing significant socioeconomic challenges.