Industry writes fish farm regs - with predictable results

The Feds are introducing new regulations for fish farms, specifically allowing powerful pesticides to be used in the water of "farms" which are no more than glorified nets sitting in the water where myriad other sea creatures live. Predictably, the scientists who understand the implications of this are not happy.

In an Open Letter to PM Harper dated February 17, the 120 signatories from across Canada state that “the proposed changes, if enacted, will lead to the discharge of increasingly powerful pesticides and other potentially damaging substances into the ecosystem, significantly reduce government regulatory oversight, and damage Canada’s commercial interests as a provider of untainted seafood.”

You can read the rest of the article if you wish to suitably horrified. But the kicker is really seen in an article by (paywalled). In the article it is made clear that the fish-farming lobby was responsible for a major re-write of the regs.

Hmmm.... an industrial lobby dictates to the government what the environmental regs should be. Where have I heard that before?