Genomic-based "personalized medicine" leads to cancer win using blood pressure pill

THIS.... is very very cool. Not just for the fact that the patient had a very positive outcome, but because of the way the treatment was decided upon.

I, like you I am sure, have been hearing about the "personalized medicine" that genomics would enable, but I have seen no evidence for it. It might be out there - I just haven't seen it.

But this... this is exactly what I hope to see. Use the patients genomic information related to the condition and find a drug to counteract it. It might work for someone else, it might not. The point is that it worked for them, for a predictable and replicable reason.

This story made my day.

With personalized onco-genomics “we are trying to figure out the blueprint of patients’ cancers, the (protein) pathways driving growth,” said Lim. “Everyone’s cancer is different, genomically, so it’s helpful to try to individualize the treatment.”

Using gene sequencing information gleaned from the tumour removed from Keating’s spine, experts at the BC Cancer Agency’s Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre matched it to a blood pressure medication that blocks the abnormal proteins identified in the tumour sample.