OBITUARY: Parkinson’s pioneer Ted Sourkes

A man that makes me proud to call myself Canadian

The Montreal scientist also studied the metabolism of brain neurotransmitters and the role of vitamins in the nervous system. Long before the notion became widely accepted, he recognized that mental illnesses might be caused by biochemical alterations in specific regions of the brain. Dr. Sourkes died of pneumonia on Jan. 17 at Montreal General Hospital. He was 95.

Dr. Sourkes had a reputation worldwide as one of Canada’s great scholars. He published hundreds of papers, and wrote books, one on the biochemistry of mental disease (with the same title), and another on the history of Nobel Prize winners in medicine and physiology. Although the Nobel Prize eluded him, he received numerous honours including the first Heinz-Lehmann Award in neuropsychopharmacology, in 1982, and the Wilder-Penfield Prix du Quebec, in 1998. He was named an officer of the Order of Canada in 1992