is it time to ban microbeads in Canada?

Question to you kind folks - is the science there for this? I expect that this is the type of thing that the ELA can chime in on, and IIRC they are doing work in this area, but is the science solid enough to ask for a ban?

There’s growing momentum south of the border to get microbeads out of products. Last year, Illinois was the first state to pass legislation that would outright ban the sale of personal care products that contain microbeads. Since then, more states are jumping on-board. A ban is looking promising in Indiana and lawmakers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Vermont, Maine, California, New York, Ohio and Washington State have also considered, or are considering, new laws banning the beads.

Canada should follow suit. These beads are wreaking havoc on our waters. The plastics absorb dangerous chemicals and are often ingested by fish and other wildlife, causing DNA damage and even death. The link between the problem and its cause is clear: the beads found in the Great Lakes were tested and were found to have come from products like body wash, toothpaste, and facial cleansers.