UAlberta-built detector to come on-line at SNOlab

I can't get over how much exciting science comes out of a hole in the ground. Granted, it's a hole in the ground filled with high tech wizardry, designed and operated by insanely smart and talented people. But it did start as, well, a hole in the ground.

Which makes it really amazing.

The detector, called DEAP-3600, is located in a nickel mine outside of Sudbury, Ont. The facility is part of SNOLAB, a laboratory operated by a multi-institutional partnership that includes the U of A. DEAP-3600 is designed to capture and observe neutrinos—subatomic particles from the outer reaches of space. Neutrinos provide important clues to the nature of dark matter, which is thought to make up about 27 per cent of the known universe.