Blood transfusion methods put to test, winner found

This applies to traumatic cases - hence the CDN military's interest.

The best ratio of blood components given to severe trauma patients has been a long-standing question in the emergency care community. In severely injured and bleeding trauma patients, blood transfusions usually are composed of three components: platelets, plasma and red blood cells. The large study, which involved 680 severely-injured participants, compared using a ratio of one unit of platelets, one unit of plasma and one unit of red blood cells (1:1:1) to one unit of platelets, one unit of plasma and two units of red blood cells (1:1:2).

Investigators found similar mortality rates at 24 hours and at 30 days between the two ratios. However, researchers also concluded that fewer study participants receiving the 1:1:1 ratio died from exsanguination, which is death from blood loss.