Ontario NDP make fools of themselves in anti-evolution MPP row

Okay - let me set this straight before I go on. I think that Conservative MPP Rick Nicholls is a fool and deserves to be publically mocked. Further, I think that the use of the National Geographic "War on Science" issue (which I did not know existed and I have to find) was totally cool.

However, I take serious umbrage with this bit:

“It was very disrespectful what Premier (Kathleen) Wynne and her gang of cabinet ministers are trying to do,” Horwath said. “To use people who are passionate about issues as a deflection from a bribery scandal is disgusting ... whether it’s issues of homophobia, whether it’s issues of missing and dead Aboriginal women, whether it’s the evolution issue.”

So the NDP opposition is equating ignorant anti-science views with anti-homophobia views and with concerns over the Missing and Murdered Indigenous women.

Sorry - that only makes the Ontario NDP look like ignorant fools themselves. I don't care if Mr. Nicholl's is expressing a "personal religous belief" - it is still ignorant and anti-science. Homophobia and MMIW are serious social concerns that need to be addressed. By equating all three the NDP is elevating anti-evolution nonsense and degrading Human Rights.

Shame on you Ms. Horwath. Perhaps you should talk to your federal counterparts - at least they seem to get science.